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The Gray Area

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Is it me? Yeah, it has to be me. Yes, it is definitely me. Natural law suggests that the energy we emit into the Universe travels 360 degrees back in our own direction. This is how I know that I am indeed a work in progress. I come in contact with people on a daily who cause me to recognize who I am in every situation. It is not always fun, but necessary for my manner of being. I find myself making things explicitly plain to some folks, men mostly. Now let me give my little disclaimer before I proceed.

**When I make reference to men, I do not speak of all men in general. I feel that there are definitely righteous representations of Manhood and those that fall short, and I can surely tell the difference.**

Now on to the business…Please help me understand something. Is it truly vital that a man express his self proclaimed superiority over a woman through acts of domination? I’m having a hard time accepting that as truth. I am extremely fortunate enough to have an amazing Dad. He shows me the respect that I earned as a woman he readied for this world. Who would I be to allow a man, or any other person whom I have a close acquaintanceship with, to behave disrespecftully in my regard. I know not to treat them that way. And, it’s not like this person has invested massive amounts of time, LOVE and money in my welfare like say, my father. So, I just can’t see it. I have a good enough example to make reference. Its easy to see through the lies of the Great Pretenders…

Honestly fellas, the way I am designed as a femine creature disallows me to embody malicious characteristics from the start. In my opinion, most women truly want to live this way, they simply do not know how. But this is not our only issue. We also will for YOU to rise up to your grandest potential. It’s rather difficult hold high visions for us both when we rarely receive the LOVE and support in return. It baffles me how instead of leading into LOVE by example, some men choose to rule with tyranny.  I will be the first to admit that some women’s behavior does not warrant the utmost praise. They are often erratic and difficult to sustain. However, I do NOT believe that one person should allow the actions of another to dictate his/her own actions. It would server us most beneficially to rise above negative influences and become the most exquisite versions of ourselves. Thus giving others a glimpse of how Miraculous life truly is.

Let’s face it. Every person living and dead has had to acknowledge the inner battle between good and evil. We are ALL capable of being Grimy, Weak, Cunning, and Deceptive. Thankfully there are those of us who choose to abandon these methods of behaving. Unfortunately, these souls often interact with the lesser and it is indeed a test of fortitude and endurance. I’m just gonna put it out there. If, the Real/Genuine/Sincere people don’t rise up and let themselves express, we will continue to be lost. Crooks and Thieves will forever prosper and the world will assumingly complain.

Anyhow, MEN…all I really wish for you to do is simply BE who you say you are. For those of you who are not aware, your word means much more than you think. When you become conscious of your words, you will be much more aware of your deeds and the desire to do boyish things will likely disappear. (Yes, these declarations also apply to the fairer sex.) Us women are eager to witness your Greatness when you behave in a Kingly manner. But we are making the decision daily on whether we can hang around until this Greatness is discovered by you.  In the meantime, we regress and exhibit behavior unbecoming of a Queen, but as I said earlier, we are all works in progress…let our first lesson in life during 2009 be PATIENCE

Still Thinking,

Ms. Larrieux, Shu-Shu


Written by areagray

January 26, 2009 at 8:47 pm

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