The Gray Area

The Gray Area

Tha Bombest Economic Analysis

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“The economy is bad!” Obviously, Doc Obv. Now let’s examine why, and wtf it means for YO stankin ass.

The Housing Collapse
The government has been planning this for years. After Hurricane Katrina, the Fed realized that they could make more money from quick, easily built, temporary housing than real ones.  (Full story here).  MTV is poising to take over the world, and we’re playing right into their hands.

Tobacco Taxation
Anybody else notice that a pack of cigarettes costs more than a bag of weed now? Government is gettin ready to legalize the reefers, and uh….ILLegalize cigarettes.

Food Inflation
We’re getting too fat and they’re tryina starve us until we lose these national love handles and spare tires. If this endeavor fails, the government is ready to replace humanity with androids, and the plot for the Terminator movies begins. It wasn’t just entertainment – it was prophecy.


Written by TomDaBomb2u

April 2, 2009 at 5:16 pm

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